Bigelow – packaging

This school project focused on reinventing an innovative product delivery and packaging system,
including logo signature and color system, for a Connecticut based tea company, Bigelow.

This packaging concept utilizes Bigelow’s top 3 black tea flavors in a regular &
decaffeinated variant gift set.
During the design process, I experimented with different types of wood.
I tried basswood, which is very soft and light, but unsuitable for exquisite laser cut.
It was deformed during the cutting, while plywood is much harder and stronger.
The shape stays the same under a high temperature.



DSC_4131_low _MG_3325

_MG_3382 copy

Inspired by candy cane, I designed individual tea cane for product delivery. It can hang on the edge of the teacup with its hook at the top. Each cane has micro holes to release dissolvable tea like a tea infuser.